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Helix Bridge

Helix will provide a secure and convenient service for asset cross-chain users.


Helix integrates the best asset bridging projects in the industry, providing users with a filtered list of asset bridges and a cross-chain portal. Users will be able to observe the bridge connectivity between chains, as well as their costs, timeliness and other characteristics through Helix. They can also easily use their wallets to interact with various bridges and complete asset transfers across chains.

Asset Bridges#

Helix will also use secure and common bridge services in the market to help users with asset hosting and cross-chain transfers. We will gradually support various EVM-based chains and also delve into the polka ecology to support asset exchange on various underlying chains. helix will support various types of asset cross-chains, such as Erc20, Erc721, etc.


Helix is very careful about the safety of users' assets and will do strict screening of comprehensive asset bridge projects. Multiple layers of redundant security verification will be done for user assets hosted in Helix, and Dao will be utilized for worst-case emergency rescue.

Data Services#

Helix also provides transaction history display and analysis services, and all cross-chain transfer records and details are clearly displayed. When a user is more concerned about the flow of his funds and the bridge transfer process, he can easily view these details through Helix.