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Welcome to Helix

Helix Bridge provide a secure and convenient service for users to transfer assets between Ethereum, Darwinia, Arbitrum, and Polkadot parachains. It offers low cost and fast transfers, and also integrates the best asset bridging projects in the industry.


Helix supports access to third-party bridges and searches for reasonable paths for users to transfer tokens.

  • Convenient and Intuitive It integrates different bridges into the same portal and shows the familiarity of all bridges in terms of fees, arrival times, etc.
  • Non-Hosted For third-party bridges, Helix does not host user assets, but only serves as a portal for users to select and use third-party bridges. Despite our careful selection and prompting, users need to understand that the security of third-party bridges cannot be guaranteed by Helix.
  • Multi-chain It supports not only the Ethereum ecosystem, but also the Polkadot ecosystem, and builds bridges between them.

Helix Token Bridge#

Helix does not deal with generic message bridge between chains, but focuses on token transfers. Helix chooses a secure and stable generic message bridge and implements its own token transfer protocol based on it.

  • Safe It use the safe and trustless message protocol, such as cross-L1, light client technology and polkadot HRMP message channel.
  • Low-Cost and High-latency It allows users to use the Liquidate Node transfer mode, where transactions accur between two EOA accounts and do not rely on bridge messages, thus it has low cost and high speed.